Who is John Barban?

Familiarizing John Barban

John-BarbanJohn Barban is a popular crackerjack of the program “Adonis Golden Ratio “with his friend Brad Pilon. They both shared a common view that great bodies have the combination of muscle gain and fat as well.

He is a Master degree holder in Human Biology from the University of Guelph. He is a fitness professor in Physiology at the University of Sunshine State. He is highly acknowledged in nutrition and physiology.

John has contributed his eight years of services to major brands who develops sports and weight loss supplements.

Presently he is a full-time fitness and nutrition coach who guides millions of individuals attains their goals of fitness. You might be familiar with John Barban if you have been on branded health supplements. Some of his credentials include:

  • National Strength and conditioning Association CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer designation
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology – Certified Fitness Consultant
  • Ontario Kinesiology Association – Certified Kinesiologist

His Research and Discoveries

John came out with these researches due to his own transformation of becoming a muscular and to have a strong physique person. His is own odd experience of not having to

Branding himself to be well-qualified professional he wrote and published “Adonis Index Workout”. The book concerned with fitness system especially for men. It dealt with the ideal concepts that are supported and analysis.

The popular book of Brad Pilon – “ Eat stop eat and Truth” concerning protein programs was assisted by John Barban. The fat-reducing tips and tricks have a good effect on him and the man’s who showed interest in following the tips.

His inventions route to the product – Venus Factor system. The perfect Body formula is the impact of his years of world class certifications in nutrition, physiology, biology. He is a teacher at Human performance at the University of Florida.

Results of his Research

He studied passionately years about the human body. He was trying to dedicate his life in research looking for an accomplished step to overcoming the genetics which he experienced it himself. John had a pear shaped body which was opposite to the perfect body. This motivated him for the research of Adonis Golden ratio is commented by Kyle “thanks a lot for the crappy genetic hand and pear shaped body”

The Specifics of the eBook – The Adonis Golden Ratio System

It is a twelve-week program which regulates your eating habits and the way to gain fitness. Fast or crash dieting is never entertained in this program.

The program was the ideal one and was well appreciated by the communities. The tips were simple and anyone could apply the rules in their daily diet. One can assure that John Barban’s system is an effective program. Comparatively it is cost effect as well.

The powerful subconscious influence of the Adonis effect is proven physically advantageous for all area of life. The magic formula created by John Barban is definitely a boon.

A quickly implementing solution with only restriction to processed food, soy based product to name a few the program was quite a success one. Giving it a try is really awesome. You can save your budget from strange diets, pricey supplements, and other fitness machines too.

John Barban, through his Adonis Golden Ratio program has made a masterly contribution to the public in the most prospectus manner.