What’s inside the Adonis Golden Ratio Program

Exploring the Program

Adonis Golden RatioAdonis Golden ratio program is for men who wish to have perfect strong physique by investing their hard-earned money and precious time in the most appropriate manner. A unique and among the most appreciated program among the younger generation, the program focus on the perfect and natural Adonis Ratios. Exploring the program, one finds that all the body measurements are calculated and achieved by exercising and through properly customized meal plan. With simple conditions on nutrition, and workouts one can achieve the Adonis Golden ratio.

The working of the Adonis Golden ratio work is quite interesting and one can achieve this following the instruction from the program. Step by step procedures are briefed for gaining muscle mass or you just want to lose excess fat is to be decided. The program reflects on both the aspects. The workouts are chosen based on your intentions for achievement.

Contents of the e-book

The contents of the e-book are interesting and wonderful as it includes 12-week training program. This is nothing but the 12-week routine exercises or workouts along with videos to help you visualize. This is 70 in number. The workouts are also shown for being safe and effective. A clear-cut explanation of the nutritional program, supplementation guide, Abs and Arms Assult program is specified clearly. This program is unique as it is aimed at the two areas of the workout which are usually not described.

You are even introduced to the innovative technology information that boosts success for Lifetime with free memberships. The access to AGR social community and forum is available to you. This forum allows you to have live answers and support from other people who are regular and successful users of the fitness programs.

The major attraction is that you can have live with John Barban too. The training manual and the nutritional guide can be separately downloaded in the PDFs format.

The access is allowed to the online user who has purchased the system. This motivates you so much in completing the program with the stoppage in between. Not much is recommended for the dietary supplements for reducing the fat as the author considers it a pure waste of money and time.

The customized programs fit you accurately as plug and play are the options that are available with the software provided.

What will you Find in the e-book?

The book introduces you to the Adonis Golden Ratio program which leads to the healthy way achieving a perfect muscular body. The books also deal with the anthropologists doing research for knowing why women like men with good physique. The law of attraction is governed with the mathematic equation that governs the “Golden Ratio” which is 1:1.618. This is cited in the book which is the distance between the head and the navel and the distance from your head to the tips of your fingers as well.

The program molds you with the perfect ratio of broad shoulders, defined chest a tight waist and, of course, a well-defined arm and leg muscles.

Different persons do have different body ratio. The book helps you with the calculation of what is your current body ratio and on the program you have to follow.

Finding your place in the measurement chart is quite easy as this is done as per your height. Three options are available as per your height such as 5”7, 5’8” and 6 and taller than 6’1”. Examples are provided to make you understand the program quickly and correctly.

The Adonis Golden ratio mainly depends on the Build program, Build, and Burn program, and on the Burn program. The workouts are the basic and interesting too. It is divided into four rep ranges. It is also further classified into the following.

  • 5 reps of very heavy weights
  • 8 reps of heavy weights
  • 13 reps of moderate weights
  • 21 reps of light weights.

This is referred with the “Fibonacci number” which is considered to be the perfect number sequence and each number is the total of the two numbers. The pattern of the sequence are 0,1,1,2,3,58,13,21,34,55,89.144 respectively. This is considered to be the perfect numbers of reps in your workouts.

The program also includes the programs from the National Federation of Profession Trainers which includes the white slow twitch motor unit failure, Red slow twitch motor unit failure, and Stedfast twitch motor unit failure.

The white slow twitch motor unit failure is achieved through 4 to 6 rep range which expands the muscle fibers and provides with attractive muscle definition. The second is the Red slow twitch motor unit failure that come under the 12 to 15 rep range and these are the muscles fibers that give you strength and definition for strong muscles.

The thirds are the Red fast twitch motor unit failure that occurs in 20 to 25 rep range which adds endurance to the muscle fibers.

The workouts of the Adonis Golden Ratio comes under this rep range. The 8-rep workout plan will not be included in the white or red slow twitch motor units – Much less attention is paid to define and growth of the both the muscle units.Click here to buy adonis golden ratio


The book also includes an accomplished workout manual with the list of exercises to do with each workout. It even specifies the weight lifting workout to do 4 days of the week and the cardio intervals workout to do for 2 days in a week.

Each and every step is continued with advice on how many reps has to be with the workout as this depends on the cycle you are willing to undertake. The three cycles which include Growth, lean and defined muscle is for duration of 4-weeks.

The program will achieve you complete fitness program with a daily gym session. Trying this program is worth your life.