My Experience with Adonis Golden Ratio System


I was a skinny guy from my childhood days and nothing seems to work for me. Like most guys my age with skinny structure, I wanted to have some muscle mass as everybody used to joke with my small frame and I was desperate to reverse it. I started working hard in the gym, but there were no serious developments.

How Adonis Golden Ratio System came into my life?

Actually the problem is that whenever I went to a gym the instructor gave me exercises that only suit people with good genetics. Then I came to know about the Adonis Golden Ratio System that changed my life forever.

How it came to users lfeThe famous fitness expert John Barban worked for 10 years to build this program. He is a degree holder from the University of Florida and successfully managed to turn around his bad genetics to transform his own body along with thousands of other people who came to him for a solution. He converted the average people to one with lean muscles and low body fat.

Initially the program is somewhat more psychological as according to John Barban the important impression is made by the people irrespective of male or female, in the first few seconds. The initial visual perception keeps in your mind whatever happens thereafter.

He also took notice of the fact that the general public still highly regard the examples of strength, physical beauty and athleticism of ancient sculptures of Greek and Latin art (Adonis or Michelangelo’s David). People like these athletic bodies more than that of bodybuilders. In general the body of Daniel Craig or Brad Pitt is more admired than that of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

My Journey with the Adonis Golden Ratio

The ratio between the waist and shoulders is the single most important thing that is considered during the initial judgment of the physique of a man. This is true for perception of both women and men. Adonis Golden Ratio is this vital ratio between the shoulders and waist. So, simply stating the system works on adding muscle mass to the shoulders and removes fat from the waist. Other body parts are of course important, but these two are most vital factors.

Your workout will be calculated after measuring your shoulder and waist at the beginning of the program. The diet is also calculated keeping in mind your weight, height and age. Your shoulder to waist ratio is known as the Adonis index according to John Barban that will be transformed into Adonis Ratio once the program is completed.

John feels that any body type can be converted into a good Adonis type body or at least can have a marked improved Adonis index. Skinny, chubby, pot belly or already having a muscular body can enjoy the differences.

Compound ExercisesA before and after picture will surely help, and I did just that by taking an initial picture of me before starting the program.

Though the initial process of muscle building, and diet program, to have low fat is somewhat similar to the other muscle building programs, Adonis system advocates building muscles in cups that is to prevent muscle to become too big like bodybuilders.

This is what I liked best as I want to be a normal man with good physique and not a bodybuilder. An athletic body is all that I wanted. A bodybuilder has more than 50lb of extra mass.

In Adonis Golden Ratio System it discourages dead lifts, crunches and weight exercises as these ones promote expansion of waist. For years I learnt that dead lifts and squats are good to increase metabolism resulting in burning extra fat and hence you will get a leaner waist. This is a bit surprising to me and I really wonder how these exercises can have a negative impact on building a smaller waist.

One Correct Decision can Change the Entire Life

Once I have my waist and shoulder measured, the values have to be put into software provided by the Adonis Golden Ratio System known as the Nutrition software from Adonis ratio. The height, weight and age should also be taken into account. The software readily gave me the total picture including the calories I need to take and what is my ideal Adonis ratio at the end of the program.

Adonis Golden RatioThe total duration of the program is 12 weeks and the workout is totally personalized. As I was a skinny guy, I did not require losing any weight at all. But, for others it may be the primary necessity. The training was set such that there will be 3 trainings a week with 3 groups, 3 sets and 3 minutes of resting period between every group.

There are two complete PDF manuals clearly giving instructions on diet and exercises and is known as the Adonis Golden Ratio System Guide. There are good illustrations of the exercises, giving clear visuals of what you need to do. There are online video guides as well for the training programs. You have to become a member to access the videos.

I was also thrilled to know about the online AGR community where I got plenty of advices and suggestions from fellow members at free of cost. This is the best part of the program. It provides the all necessary psychological boost that helped me to get motivated to continue the hard work and get the ideal Adonis ratio. As we all know that after some weeks there is a tendency of slacking the things a bit and keeping up the motivation to work hard is the main issue. The community really helped me a lot in this regard.

At the end of the program I was just amazed with the result and everybody is now appreciating my physique. I owe a lot to the Adonis Golden Ratio System.

Just grab a copy

The positive feedbacks from various reviews and through my own experience I can surely recommend Adonis Golden Ratio program to get a handsome physique. It can really make a difference.

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Click here to buy adonis golden ration system