Let’s Know the basics of Adonis Golden Ratio Program

Adonis Golden Ratio program is a fitness program introduced by John Barban. It maximizes the fat loss and muscle gain. The program is well researched by the author on fitness training and nutrition for more than a decade. The program helps you with a physique that is specific and is related to the ratio from shoulder to the waist.

The Perspectives of the Fitness Program

The program is planned with the psychological approach in the guide provided. An opinion or impression about you lies on the structural growth of the body at the time of meetings. The concept of Greek mythological god of beauty and desire named Adonis and Michelangelo’s David. A perfect physique is compared to Adonis. People who wish to join this program is designed to help themselves with the yardstick perfect physique.

The Working of the Program

The program can be used by referring the guide that is provided with the program. The instructions are clear-cut and it begins with the measurement of the waist and shoulders. The program continues with the workouts that you will have to follow. The exercises for losing the excess weight are different from the ones you have to do for gaining muscles.

Both the workouts can be followed to make program and your target of gaining the Adonis golden ratio a successful one. The program offers you with software that comes with a blueprint about the nutrition plan which is quite mandatory to be followed. It gives you the quantity of the calories to meet your fitness objective.

workoutThe workouts are purely goal oriented that motivates and if your objective is to remove excess fat the workout deals with intense circuit training for up to 4-weeks which are again structured for three groups and three sets. The resting minutes between the workouts is also described in the program or the eBook.

Muscle gain does not involve circuit training and the straight sets are between the rest periods. This enhances the muscles to recover with the time allowed. The illustration of this program is quite interesting and the videos are accompanied with this. It is available only for online users.

The PDFs can be downloaded separately. The nutritional guide and the training manual are to be used separately. One can join the online forum. This forum uses unaccountable psychological inspiration to complete the program. The forum will definitely assist you for achieving the goal with other member’s experiences and results.

How is the Program different from other Muscle Building Program?

I am sure you might have come across various types of muscle gaining and fat reducing program. But the Adonis golden ratio is unique from other programs. The program is quite specific about each schedule and steps that make the program and standout from others. It gives weight and height as per your body structure.

The program supports you with guidance and information that is unique. The muscles are developed in right places which makes you smart and attractive. The program is structured as per your body weight and structure.

The program is driven for people with same goals. They come and get to know each other and this enhances learning through a common platform. The program is newbie friendly and the supplements as part of dietary is very low.

AdonisGoldenRatioThe exercises are prescribed with video references which make the reader understand the program more easily and conveniently. When discussing the workouts, one can adopt personal preference here.

Some workouts are designed for 4 days in a week. But it can fit your schedule like 2 days, or 3 days off. The discretion is yours to follow the program. But it is mandatory that one takes up with the regular routine of the exercises. There should be no cheat days regarding in your workouts.

The 12week program or the exercise routine can be done with the help of 70 videos to visualize. This allows you to follow the correct method of exercises correctly with no risks. The program gives you a lifetime membership which introduces you to new technology and innovative scientific information that crafts success.

The instructed videos of different types of exercises are a better alternative which can never be seen in other programs. The results are quite visible only with genuine effort. It also depends on other various factors like the starting point, the diet part and the steady effort on exercises that you would take.

But normally the proportionate workouts if followed will sure embed you with the Adonis golden ratio. One should be ready to do the same exercise listed on the program. The same muscle workouts should be substituted for a different one.

The user-friendly program gives personal preference as you will have to follow the regimen that is prescribed in the eBook. A program that initiates visible results if you have not cheated yourself about the instructions on the workouts.


The videos making your exercise easier along with the customized nutrition plan you get access to a healthy and a strong body. The author of our program is one of the leading fitness experts and he has done much honorable research which could truly benefit you and your body.

The program, of course, gets you introduced to perfection as the mathematic equation called theAdonis Golden ratio is an appropriate result oriented program. It is used by many artists like the Leonardo da Vinci, Le Corbusier who is an architect too.

As a guaranteed promise of the program or the ebook supports you with the perfect ratio of broad shoulders, well-defined chest, a tight waist with properly formed arm and leg muscles. The standard Adonis Golden ratio of 1:1.618 which is cited in the program will help you with the distance between your head and the navel to be perfect.

The perfect formula never lets you down on any circumstances if worked with dedications. One can come across its success story from various sources and one can strongly recommend this program to their dear or near ones.

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