Adonis Golden Ratio Review- Overview


Adonis Golden RatioA strong physique or an aesthetic body is a dream for every man. The Adonis Golden Ratio is a program which is designed by John Barban for twelve week. The main intention of the program is to reduce fat and tighten your muscles within a short span of time.

It is a unique program for developing a specific body structure through special exercises, nutrition plan. The program or the system of achieving this through perfection is called natural Adonis Ratio.

A customized measurement of workouts and nutrition plan is the highlight of the program. This assures you with Adonis Index and the tool just lures you for “Adonis Ratio”. The trust and worthiness of the program are just designed to achieve the success.

A Guaranteed Product

Yes, this product is guaranteed with success in developing your body and money back within the initial 60 days. You can return it if it satisfies your expectations.

Overview of the Program

Basically knowing the inputs of the programs is better. The program commences with the measurement of your waist and shoulders. An instruction option is added on how you should take those measurements as well. The next step of the program is the fitness route you plan to take. These include the concept of just losing fat or increase your muscles strength as well. The program assures you with both. The program being drafted in a technical aspect one has to note the following points.

  • A software application is included where you will have to enter your waist, shoulder measurements. You will also have to include current weight, height, and age.
  • A nutrition plan is provided as per your entry. This is to be followed in order to attain the desired goal of fitness. The plan gives you the structured idea on a number of calories that needed to consume daily.
  • There are different stages of goal that can be achieved through this program. For eg, if you only wish to lose fat, your workouts will have intense circuit training. The period is for 4-weeks. This is further structured to 3 groups revealing the resting minutes between the workouts.
  • The downloadable PDFs format manual the training and the nutritional guides are given separately.
  • The videos for instructional and nutrition software has to buy separately. It is accessible to online users.
  • The program offers a motivation psychologically for helping you complete the task.
  • A guide on dietary supplements is provided with the program.


  • The program is compact and has proven with remarkable research the benefits.
  • Your body gains natural strength with the workout and the nutritional plan.
  • The choice is the major factor concerning your benefits as it specifically fits your regime.
  • The software provided can be listened to any number of times.
  • The Adonis Index is gained with easy styling of life and goals.
  • The perfect figure is guaranteed as there is no chance for proportionate body building.
  • The cost is too less when compared to the health benefits.
  • You will not have to waste time in searching for a good trainer or supplements you have to stick.


  • There is nothing you can gain without agreeing to sacrifice. The program is not for women.
  • You will have to do the workout on the recommended exercises with the fixed timeouts. Exercises like push ups are hard but still you will have to do without fail.
  • Strained muscles pull or even tears cannot accept this program. There is no yoga or deep breathing required before your workout.

A Positive Experience

The Adonis Golden Ratio is definitely a positive program with everyone. But this refers to the active participation of the individual as well. You can find and see the change that happens in your body within a short span of time. One has tried with other products for the same purpose too can give this program a final try.

There is no much food restriction. This will help you do the workouts in a most relaxed manner without wasting money or energy in supplements.

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It is an impression of joy that would be visible to your friends and relatives who have earlier made fun of your sleek body. The program is quite simple and easy to follow. The instructions are explained step by step which gives you initialization to work for your goals.

The results are great, once you abide the conditions and the norms of the program. Every bit is explained clearly in the videos and the online program.

Any person who finds you after your participation of the program would clearly be surprised on the development and strength of your body. The Adonis Index Program is not a longer duration program. One can achieve your goal of strength, success by simply adopting to the instruction of the program.

It is very mandatory that one should never fall prey for the fake programs which encourage you for depending the supplementary foods. You will surely be satisfied as your body is filled with strength and not just fat.

Giving Adonis Golden Ratio a try is never bad. A healthy body surely carries a healthy mind. Like any other strong body people, you too can show off your muscular body. You can get bigger to have that manly look.

The Adonis Golden Ratio program is completely different from other online programs. We guarantee what we can and we do. The body developed through this program is maintained for longer. It is highly refreshment to your mind and soul as well.


Adonis Golden Ration is for men who are really concerned for the health and are health ambitious too. The program is compact and accomplished with the perfect masculine body through simple tricks and tips.

Paying a bit attention to the program guarantees you with the muscles that every man desire. The Adonis Golden Ratio program materializes your dream perfectly which would attract any women. The concept behind this program is quite interesting and impressive too.

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